Quantum Phase Estimation with Reinforcement Learning  1.0
Quantum Phase Estimation with Reinforcement Learning Documentation

We implement reinforcement learning algorithm to the problem of adaptive phase estimation, which is an example of quantum control problems. The aim of this project is to create a library containing modules that streamlines the construction of an optimization algorithm for quantum control problems. Access to modules of optimization algorithms provides the building blocks that users can use to tweak the algorithm to their needs.



Copyright and license

This is a free software made available under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, which means you can share, modify, and redistribute this software. While we endeavor to make this software as useful and as error-free as possible, we cannot make any such guarantee, and the software is hence released without any warranty.


This software has been developed by Pantita Palittapongarnpim and Peter Wittek with the financial support of NSERC and AITF.

The computational work was enabled by support from WestGrid and Calcul Quebec through Compute Canada.